Ongoing training is extremely important for skill development and retention. You cannot functionally become proficient at combative skills by participating in a 4 or 8-hour seminar. Developing true combative skills requires a commitment to the craft. It is true that Reality Defense Training conveys applicable skills more quickly than any other system of combat. This is done by stressing the founding concepts of Reality Defense Training.
1. Survival Concept – This concept states that the only concern is personal survival at a minimum and ideally prevailing in a violent attack. This means you must accept that you will do whatever it takes to survive. anything from running away or taking a persons life and anything in between. (that you fight back is more important than how you fight back, but how you fight back will determine how quickly and efficiently you prevail or survive)

2. Maximum Resistance Concept – Obviously we would want to avoid a physical conflict but in the event, we are unable to avoid this attack you must be prepared to engage at 100%. The “Speed of Violence” is important at this point.