Advanced Protective Skills II – (A.P.S. II)

Advanced Protective Skills II is a continuation A.P.S. I with the emphasis on developing more advanced skills. The main focus of A.P.S. II is the introduction to the offensive application of the “Combat Strategies”, or becoming the strategies. The student will learn more about smart fighting in these sections than in any other to date. In learning the offensive aspects of the different types of fighters the student learns how to defeat the other types of fighter more effectively.  New fighting positions will be explored as well as more advanced forms of defense. Dealing with multiple attackers will be taught along with group combat psychology.  The Intermediate Blade Combat program is a 10-session continuation of Basic Blade Combat training. In this program more advanced concepts are taught in the use of a knife, in a knife against knife environment. Introduction to alternative gripping and attack concepts are developed. The use of alternative force such as punching is incorporated into the training. Developing the skills to attack and dominate a knife-wielding attacker is a main component to the program. Knife limb clamps, takedowns and finishes are incorporated.  This program will continue to expand on the combative understanding and use of a knife in a hostile environment. The Intermediate Blade Combat program is the prerequisite to Advanced Blade Combat.

– Introduction to varied striking ranges

– Introduction to alternative stance and guard and striking from that position

– Introduction to Offensive Grappling

– Introduction to combating multiple opponents

– Introduction to becoming the strategies

– Introduction to Basic Blade Combat