Advanced Protective Skills – (A.P.S.)

Advanced Protective Skills is a 52-session program that is designed to continue the development of more advanced combative skills and abilities. The student is introduced to “Power Striking” concepts. Power striking teaches an understanding of the physical aspects of generating powerful striking within a combat environment. Introduction to “Body Evasion” and “Advanced Defensive Footwork” are also incorporated at this time. These skills give the student the ability to avoid being struck without committing their arms to defense. This enhances overall combative skills. A more detailed form of Confrontation Management is discussed at this time dealing with more of the mindset of interpersonal combat.   Perhaps the highlight of the Advanced Protective Skills program is the “Tactical Kicking” section. This section of training develops true combat kicking skills. Learning when and how to employ kicks in a real combative situation is one of the more difficult things any martial artist faces in training. With the popularity of the MMA (mixed martial arts) training many fighters do not kick with complete effectiveness, all of the time. This section trains the student to effectively combine punches and kicks into a superior offense, while maintaining a solid defense.  Lastly, “Basic Stick Combat” (B.S.C.) is taught. This section teaches the basic use of a fighting stick (typically 25-28 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter) against another clubbing weapon, as well as against other (non-firearms) weapons. At the conclusion of the B.S.C. the student will be able to effectively use a stick as a viable combative tool.