Bill Stansbury – Senior Instructor

Bill Stansbury

Senior Instructor

One of the unique strengths of the RDT training systems is the diversity of the confrontation training. As a former United States Marine, Bill Stansbury adds to this diversity with specialized expertise in firearms and law enforcement training. As Senior Instructor, Bill is instrumental in all ballistic weapons training and instructs in both conventional and special weapons training.

  • Arizona Department of Corrections, twelve years of service. Correctional Service Officer II Tactical Support Unit, Weapons Team Leader, and Precision Rifleman Certified Instructor, Firearms, Chemical Agents and Use of Force Chief Armorer Escape Recovery Team
  • Mesa Police Department Basic SWAT School
  • Expert Tactical Pistol, United States Marksmanship Academy
  • Certified Armorer, Remington (M/870 / 700) Colt (AR-15 / M16/ M639) Ruger (Automatics, Revolvers, & Mini-14) Smith & Wesson (Revolver)
  • Over seventeen years of Martial Arts training including Kenpo Karate, Tang So Do, Dynamic Combat Method and Reality Defense Training
  • Reserve Police Officer