Unarmed Combat

Why Learn It?

Unarmed Combat as a category is essentially fighting without weapons.  Learning to defend/fight without the use of weapons is extremely important.  Many people feel that they will always have a weapon with them if they generally carry a weapon in everyday life.  This cannot always be true.  There are areas designated as weapon free zones, like schools, many privately own businesses and virtually every government facility does not allow for the possession of a weapon of any kind.  Avoiding a conflict facing a person or persons wielding weapons may not be possible.  There are many people in this country that have fallen into the attitude of “Weapons Over-Reliance” in the belief that unarmed skills are not necessary.  By adopting this mindset, you have placed yourself into a very dangerous and vulnerable position.  No matter how committed and disciplined you may be in carrying a weapon, there are inevitably times when a weapon is simply not available.  In addition to availability issues, what happens if a weapon malfunctions?  Remember, if it is mechanical, it will malfunction at some point.

 Limiting personal security options to a weapon only approach is shortsighted and dangerous. Self-defense is a set of skills requiring knowledge and competency in a defensive mindset, physical unarmed skills, the ability to use expedient and edged weapons, and skill with firearms.  The more options you have, the better your chances to prevail when your life may be at stake.

 Pragmatically speaking, unarmed fighting skills are the most likely to be of immediate use and provide the necessary actions to disengage from the encounter and defend yourself. Bear in mind that SELF-DEFENSE is at once the goal and the limitations under which we may act in the protection of ourselves, our families and our property.