Intermediate Protective Skills – (I.P.S.)

Intermediate Protective Skills – (I.P.S.) is a 24 session program that is designed to further continue the development of real combat applicable skills. It is the second in an ongoing series of unarmed combat training courses. Sparring is introduced as a method of teaching the student how to use the skills learned in B.P.S. as well as the skills learned in upcoming sessions. Grappling and ground fighting defense is taught immediately due to the popularity and prevalence of grappling arts. The student will be introduced to the “Ferocious Five,” the five techniques that will work against any grappler to end the confrontation immediately. Introduction to basic kicking skills and combining kicks and punches into a cohesive attack along with defending against lower body attacks such as kicks to the knees and thighs. “Reaction Training” is also taught in I.P.S., this section of training teaches the student how to defend against a surprise attack or sucker punch. I.P.S. is a great skill builder and will develop the skills necessary to deal with a more dangerous or trained fighter.   Intermediate Protective Skills is the prerequisite to Advanced Protective Skills.