REDMAN: Fear Management

Adrenal Stress Scenario Based Training

Personal Awareness Combative Training – (P.A.C.T.)   The Redman/Fear Management programs are scenario-training courses developed to introduce people to real adrenal stress. Preventing fear from becoming panic, and learning to harness and direct fear into appropriate actions are the objectives of this course.  During the Redman, (named because of the red foam protective suits that the instructors wear) realistic, high-intensity situations are presented to the student. Some of these scenarios include: single and multiple attackers, armed and unarmed opponents, verbal threats, indoor and/or outdoor confrontations and close quarter encounters.  The Redman/Fear Management program will induce varying levels of emotional stress. This is due to the “fight or flight” response to the Adrenalin discharge within the body. Introducing the student to this “adrenal dump” allows them to manage their fear and channel it into valid action.  Shakes, heavy breathing, light-headedness, and confusion can be experienced through these realistic scenarios. It is important that the student actually experiences this fear in a controlled environment in order to prepare them for a real situation in an uncontrolled environment.  For years, coaches have implemented skills, drills, and scrimmages for their players. Skills better the drills, drills better the scrimmages, and scrimmages prepare for the game. The Redman is our scrimmage to help our students win the game in real life.