Tim Shicky – Primary REDMAN

Tim Shicky

Instructor / REDMAN

Tim Shicky has a tremendous level of experience in reality based martial arts training. In his search for the most practical real-world training, he realized he could help others manage their fear and learn to deal with confrontation situations. Tim sacrifices his body for the betterment of all students by instigating real world situations as in the REDMAN and allowing students to practice their reaction training and respond according with full contact, if needed. Tim brings a unique level of intensity and realism to all training he is involved with and he takes a genuine interest in every student’s progress. Without question, any student fortunate enough to interact with Tim in training will have the ability to handle a real situation.  Mr. Shicky was inducted into the “Martial Art Masters Hall of Fame” in August 2012 where he was recognized for his “Outstanding Contribution” to Martial Arts.  Mr. Shicky is unmatched in his ability push students to their limit without pushing too far.  There are two things that are necessary to be a good REDMAN.  You must be able to take tremendous punishment from students but more importantly not allow your ego to cloud your attitude.  It takes a special person to walk that fine line and Mr. Shicky walks that line perfectly.    Anyone fortunate enough to work with him will be a better person for it.

  • Instructor of VIPER fear management course. (6 years) Included in (2) course videos and Channel 12 news piece on airline self defense
  • Stress scenario Mock assailant – 16 years (Redman, Blue Maxx, High Gear)
  • Graduate of Peyton Quinn’s/Bill Kipp’s RMCAT Course(Rocky Mountain Combat Application Training)
  • Graduate of Krav Maga’s React Defense Stress Scenario course
  • Certified practitioner of Frank Shamrock’s Submission Fighting
  • Graduate of Tom Patire’s CDT non-deadly course
  • Training sessions under professional bodyguard – Shannon Stallard, inclucled in his course video
  • Training sessions under Paul Vunak’s Jeet Kune Do
  • Assistant instructor of tactical training for Peoria SWAT Team under RDT.
  • Graduate of Gavin DeBecker’s Threat Assessment Academy
  • Reality Defense Training March of 2005 thru present
  • Primary “REDMAN” for Reality Defense Training’s Personal Awareness Combative Training P.A.C.T. Programs