Troy Coe – Founder

Phoenix-based Reality Defense Training (R.D.T) was founded in 1994 by Troy Coe, the Southwest’s leading self-defense authority. Founder, Troy Coe has personally studied, tested and refined all the techniques and teaching methodology of R.D.T. during his 34 years as a professional defense instructor.  With the singular focus on the creation and execution of teaching the finest survival based self defense program, using curriculum based teaching methods, designed to bestow each student with the best Personal Survival Program (P.S.P.) possible to enable them to survive when the unthinkable happens.

Mr. Coe is uniquely qualified as an expert instructor, but it isn’t his personal skill that makes him so unique. He has an innate understanding of each student’s individual needs and style of learning. Reality Defense Training is an adaptive art form; Troy’s method of instruction is also adaptive to provide the most efficient and effective training experience available.

Mr. Coe was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame on August 11, 2012 where he was awarded the “Pioneer Award” for his efforts in developing a fresh and unique approach to Martial Arts.

Ongoing combat training instruction for police, Special Assignments Units, Arizona Tactical Officers Association, Sheriff’s department and Department of Corrections officers

SIMUNITION Certified Instructor

Over five years as Chief Instructor and Senior Vice President for Personal Defense Systems (parent company of Dynamic Combat Method) where he directed all student and institutional training, lesson plan development and program refinement

Executive protection services and training for Fortune 500 companies

Currently Senior Instructor for American Weapons Academy.

Mr. Coe has trained under his Mentor James Jarrett, Director of the American Weapons Academy since 1989.

Ten years as an instructor in the Dynamic Combat Method

Extensive study of multiple martial arts disciplines including Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo

1983 Arizona State Champion, Open Martial Arts.



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