No Excuse: Self Defense for Women

“The Self Defense for Women” program is an intense 12-session program that is dedicated to teach women the realities of self-defense. Developing the proper mindset is the single most important aspect for self-defense. Without it, even the most physically and technically proficient fighter will not be able to effectively fight back. Most women don’t fight back because they don’t know what to do. So, learning what to do is the first order of business. Developing awareness and an understanding of fear, what it is and what it isn’t is also discussed. Implementing a “Personal Survival Program” (P.S.P.) will be addressed. This is a plan that will be keep you prepared ahead of time so you can “Stay Ready, So You Don’t Have To Get Ready!”

Then, through drilling under adrenal stress (FEAR) situations, the development of confidence to know that you can really fight back begins to emerge. To truly develop real confidence you must train in situations that you are likely to face on the street. With real intensity, real aggression and against an attacker that doesn’t fall down or let go when they are supposed to, only when they are made to. Any other drilling or training that does not present reality-based scenarios will only serve to develop false confidence. False confidence can get you severely injured or killed on the street.

Basic palm striking, elbow strikes, knee strikes and even head strikes are taught as well as a functional defense. The student will be introduced to the “Ferocious Five,” the five techniques that will work against any attacker to end the confrontation immediately. Women are more likely to be grabbed than struck, because men typically think they can easily over power a woman. Under normal situations that’s true, “IF” a woman doesn’t know what to do. We teach you what to do “When…”