Reality Defense Training Mission Statement

“Reality Defense Training is focused on the creation and execution of teaching the finest survival based self defense program, using curriculum based teaching methods, designed to bestow each student with the best personal survival program possible to enable them to survive when the unthinkable happens.”


About Reality Defense Training

A New Kind of Martial Art Training

Reality Defense Training (R.D.T.), is martial arts training with a focused emphasis on effectiveness. Many traditional martial arts rely too heavily on memorization of complex maneuvers. R.D.T is designed to be quick and effective! This system maximizes the situational flexibility necessary to effectively prepare for a violent attack.

Traditional martial arts revolve around a particular style of combat. The problem is, an attack can come in any form, armed or unarmed, from single or multiple opponents. R.D.T. teaches you the tactics to effectively adapt to any attack. Life is not an exhibition, a competition, or the movies. When your safety is at stake, the objective must be to resolve the conflict quickly.

More than just kicks and punches, R.D.T. is far more comprehensive than any other martial art. R.D.T. teaches you how to prevent an attack, as well as the mental preparation, combat psychology, and bio-mechanically inspired techniques necessary to survive those attacks that cannot be avoided. R.D.T. will also teach you to defend yourself with a variety of weapons – from ball-point pens to firearms.


What is it really?

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Unarmed Combat:

Why Learn It?

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Never EVER speak to the Police under ANY circumstances –>

Mixed Martial Arts

Is it the right choice for self defense?

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“As you know Police Officers tend to be very critical.  I have received nothing but positive feedback from members of the team, here are a few quotes from the members.”

“I thought the training was very good and very real.  It answered questions that I had about “what if….” And cleared some things up for me as a newer Tac officer.”

“For what it’s worth that was the best training I have had in a long time.  Thank you.”

“We appreciate the dedication that you have shown to your craft and the quality of instruction you provided.”


Lieutenant Michael Self

Special Assignment Unit Commander, City of Peoria Police Department

Dear Mr. Coe

“We wanted to thank you for your presentation “A Reality Check for Seniors’ Safety to our congregation…

Everyone at your presentation Wednesday evening has now moved to “Condition Yellow” of awareness and is betterpreparedto stay alert and assess his or her surroundings…

your presentation was thoughtful, lively, and informative and we would definitely have you back for a future date with us.”


Gene Hersrud

Lay Director of Spiritual Life, American Lutheran Church of Sun City

Yesterday our family attended the women’s Fast & Ferocious, 5-hour class at Reality Defense Training with Kristie Sharp. The class was informative and well organized. Kristie provided us with an explanation of the mindset, essential strategies and key target areas needed to increase the chances of surviving an unexpected, hostile attack. The hands-on application, exercises and scenarios allowed us to experience what it could possibly feel like being attacked, executing the survival skills we learned in class. By the end of the class, our 17-year-old was fully engaged and enthusiastic about the program. She told us that this class should be taught in HS physical education classes. This is a must attend class for women of all ages. What you learn may save your life one day.

Sharon S

Mom, Family


  1. The University of Arizona Army ROTC program had the opportunity to conduct training with Troy Coe.  During this training cadets learned numerous innovative and effective techniques for self-defense.  Mr. Coe is an outstanding instructor who was able to teach over 50 cadets on how to defend themselves.  Both cadre and cadets were highly impressed with Mr. Coe and stated that his class was one of the best training events ever.  As college students and future officers it is imperative that cadets learn how to conduct self-defense. Mr. Coe’s classes give his students the abilities and the mindset to overcome any situation.
  2. Reality Defense Training would be an asset to any military or civilian organization. Mr. Coe builds esprit d’ corps, personal confidence, and tactical ability.  I highly recommend Troy Coe and his training.
Mark Jones LTC, AR

Professor of Military Science, Department of the Army

Reality Defense Training

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