About Our Instructors

All Reality Defense Instructors are experienced Reality Defense Training students.  Many with considerable amount of other Martial Arts experiences.  Every instructor has been required to assist myself (Troy Coe) or the Chief Instructor (Jeff Barto) for hundreds of hours.  This exposure allows them to absorb the finer points of Reality Defense Training as well as understand how and why things are taught in the order in which they are taught.  Every instructor has an Instructor Manual.  This is to ensure that everyone is teaching the same progression.  One of the many strengths of Reality Defense Training is it’s Curriculum Based Teaching structure.  

The ranking structure for instructors is as follow:

Chief Instructor – The most advanced instructor, can teach any and all programs of Reality Defense Training / Able to operate own school.

Senior Instructor – Can teach any and all programs of Reality Defense Training.

Instructor – Can teach Basic Protective Skill (B.P.S.), Intermediate Protective Skills (I.P.S.), and Advanced Protective Skills (A.P.S.)

Adjunct Instructor – Part time or substitute Instructor. This would generally an Instructor that wants to stay lightly involved.

Assistant Instructor – An assistant Instructor is a student in training to become an instructor or is trading assistance in classes for training.