What Makes Reality Defense Training Different?

Reality Defense Training is a Survival Based Martial Art that focuses ONLY on real world assault. We do not train people to compete in any venue. Reality Defense Training develops the Mindset to survive and the physical skills to support that mindset. Most martial arts available are Exhibition or Competition (MMA) Based. In general those types of Martial Arts are not best for true self defense.

How do your classes work?
All classes are taught in a small, semi private (2 to 6 student) per class or private one on one training.  All classes are scheduled by appointment only.  Specialty classes are announced on our events calendar.

How often do classes meet?
Classes are scheduled to meet only once a week for a one hour session.

Is once a week enough to develop real skill?
The programs at Reality Defense Training are structured in a progressive based approach. Each session builds on the previous. This is a very effective method of teaching that promotes rapid skill development.  Also, when you are not learning techniques that do not work in a real world situations it allows time to learn those that do work.

Where are you located?
Reality Defense Training is located in the Scottsdale Air Park. So people will believe that it is too far to drive for class. Since classes are scheduled for only one hour a week, there is not a big time commitment and we are located right off the 101 so we are easily accessible from
anywhere in the valley.

How do I get started?
We offer a FREE introductory class for anyone to experience the quick and easy method of learning offered at Reality Defense Training. In one hour you will be able to throw three very hard strikes in less than a second and stop a barrage of random punches. If you are an experienced fighter we will teach you to hit twice as hard and twice as fast! Ya, we just said that… Come in and see!