Women’s Blade

The blade is one of the most misunderstood weapons in today’s society, especially when it comes to women using a blade as a self defense weapon. Many people don’t realize that a blade is probably the best weapon a woman can carry. This is true for several reasons. One of the most profound reasons is that there is little need to change their life style. Conceptually, the most popular weapon is a firearm. This is an excellent weapon because most people are afraid of them and they possess a definite stopping. The problem with a firearm is that it is typically heavy and bulky, whereas most knives are light and small. It is much easier for a woman to conceal and carry a blade. The blade is a touch weapon. This means that it will require no physical strength to cause tremendous damage and therefore cause an attacker to think twice about attacking again. A blade can actually cut several times with complete silence and with deadly effectiveness. Most people have a fear of being cut and will shun away from a woman wielding a knife with confidence. Unlike chemical deterrents, a knife will have a positive effect on a person, letting them know that you mean business. Besides, it will truly be unexpected.