Kristie Sharp – Women’s Defense Specialist

Women’s Self Defense Specialist

Kristie started training in 2002 and quickly became addicted to RDT. With her dedication and fearless attitude, her confidence has soared to new heights. She has quickly earned the reputation of someone you would not want to tangle with. She has an insatiable appetite for full intensity training; never afraid to be attacked with full force. People are always truly amazed when they see Kristie in action. Kristie has been specifically trained to teach women in both the “Self Defense for Women Only” as well as “Combative Fitness” programs.

Kristie has participated in over 48 REDMAN (Adrenal Stress Scenario Based Training Courses) or Fear Management courses, as well as 40 Specialty courses (Multiple Opponent, Ground Fighting and Grappling Defense, Unarmed Weapons, Surviving a Mass Shooter, Offensive Use of the Blade and End Game courses).  Her vast experience makes her very qualified to train women to survive a real life attack.  Kristie is also trained in Tactical Handgun, Carbine and Shotgun and is currently in training to become an Assistant Instructor for the American Weapons Academy under James Jarrett.

Kristie is currently an NPC Woman’s Physique Competitor




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