Jeff Barto – Chief Instructor

Jeff came to R.D.T. in 1996 and has since become our Chief Instructor. Jeff is a 21-year veteran of the martial arts. He has studied several Martial Arts styles including American Karate, Dynamic Combat Method, Hapkido, and Aikido.  Jeff has been teaching for Reality Defense Training for 20 years and is also an aggressor for the Specialty Classes and REDMAN Courses.  As the Chief instructor for Reality Defense Training Jeff is currently certified to teach every program offered through Reality Defense Training.

In addition, he is proficient in the use of many types close quarters battle weapons including Knives, Street Stick, and Street Staff. Jeff has also achieved the title of “Distinguished Expert” in the use of Tactical Handguns and has training in tactical shotguns and rifles, all from the American Shooting Academy under the tutelage of James Jarrett, Director of the American Weapons Academy.

Jeff’s success lies in both skillful martial arts abilities and his caring, friendly helpful approach to teaching Reality Defense.

You can contact Jeff directly via email at

Or, call him at 602-487-9859